• Ahmadou Diop

    Ahmadou Diop

  • Colette Phillip

    Colette Phillip

  • Alex Cheng

    Alex Cheng

    Venture Capitalist | Entrepreneur | Partner of Catalyst Ventures | Founder of Telkie | about.me/alexcheng | www.catalystventures.co

  • Tanya Bakshi

    Tanya Bakshi

    Social Pedagogue

  • Irfan Valueman

    Irfan Valueman

  • Mindsmatter


    Mindsmatter is written by Bola Kwame, Jack Graves and Emma Buryd. De-stigmatizing mental illness one day at a time. Our socials: https://linktr.ee/Mindsmatter

  • Aiden Stone

    Aiden Stone

    HR exec by day. Personal finance geek by night. Dog dad. Sort of writer. Prolific saver.

  • Adriana Stein

    Adriana Stein

    I am the founder of https://idiconsultancy.com/ a content agency in Hamburg. Originally from the US, I specialize in SEO & marketing automation.

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